Bringing elegance to complexity

Fresco Industries specializes in diverse sectors of the digital media domain, ranging from eye-catching web presence solutions to complex mobile applications.

Our business is to design and build quality web solutions for various businesses across Greater Toronto Area. We believe in a fresh approach to project ideas with rigorous execution.

Led by the award-winning digital media consultant Chris Kim, we also serve as an incubator for young talents as well as a distributed company, with more than 15 freelancers across North America actively working on exciting initiatives.

Smooth operators, solid engineers.

We believe in the importance of immersing ourselves in the industry that we promote and elevate, as well as the benefits of educating our clients throughout the process of website production.

In this constantly shifting landscape of web development, we believe in adopting tools and methodologies that stand the test of time. Each of our primary technologies adheres to today’s industry standards with the 60%+ market share — ensuring compatibility and reliability.

Divide and conquer, effortless.

Modular approach is a technique that divides a larger project into small components, called modules, that can be independently created and combined together in the future.

Each project member is responsible for a different module or aspect of the project, closely monitored and reviewed by the director. All modules are easily modified and remain independent of each other. The director will be responsible for merging the different modules and applying client feedback.

This approach promotes flexibility in development and iterative design process, without one component delaying the completion of another.