Good code done well

We have been helping countless companies across North America and
East Asia bridge the gap with interactive products and services.

The web is a beautiful mess

Here at GoodCodeClub, we vividly remember the early days of the World Wide Web, where we celebrated every online interaction on painfully slow dial-up networks.

Fast forward to today, where every web project feels heavier, its production process more convoluted than ever. The cyberspace certainly is more crowded and hectic now, but your codebase doesn't have to be.

We sift through all the fluff and get down to the substance. We build grounded solutions to your creative and business challenges.

Good code done well. We are GoodCodeClub.

Since 2007, we've had the pleasure of working with many wonderful clients, collaborators, and brands ...

... and contributing our efforts to computer science education and leading-edge research

Web Development Program

George Brown College

Supported in part by the Government of Ontario

Visual Text Analytics

Ontario Tech University

Supported in part by the University of Guelph

Continuing Studies Program

OCAD University

Supported in part by the Government of Ontario

Visual Storytelling Platform

SRI International

Supported in part by DARPA

Cultural Content Analysis

OCAD University

Supported in part by Magnify Digital and TELUS Fund

Generative Music

MUSICA Research

Supported in part by DARPA

AI-Powered Data Annotation

University of Toronto

Supported in part by the Vector Institute

Explainable AI

Ontario Tech University

Supported in part by SRI International, University of Guelph and the Vector Institute

Accessible and Universal Learning

George Brown College

Supported in part by Abilities to Work and SSHRC

We are more flexible than your in-house team,
more rigorous than your average vendor ...


Your personal web developer

  • Agencies and small businesses
  • Development and deployment
  • Custom quote, billed in parts
App Prototype

Your personal R&D division

  • Startups and research labs
  • Proof-of-concept development
  • Custom quote, billed in phases
Adhoc Support

Your personal tech hotline

  • Agencies and startups
  • Email, teleconference, monitoring
  • Hourly rate, billed biweekly
Web Hosting

Your private server technician

  • Businesses on shared hosting
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Fixed rate, billed monthly

... and we probably would prove
quite useful to you if you are:

A creative agency with strong art direction

Pixel-perfect is what we strive to achieve. We can quickly assess feasibility of your creative vision and translate to a final product without creative compromise.

A visionary team leader with novel product ideas

MVP is the name of the game. We can create functional, production-ready prototypes to share with your stakeholders, and when you are ready, quickly shift gears to productize.

A small to medium-sized business with IT needs

Solid infrastructure with a human touch. We source from a variety of cloud-based service providers and offer additional redundancies and monitoring.

Interested in our two cents?

Whether it be optimizing your bloated tech stack or trying to see if your idea has any legs, we are happy to chat.

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